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Perjured testimony from Gary's own half-sister led to his wrongful conviction in Alabama.

Here are Gary’s answers to your questions:

From The Injustice Archive:  I’d love to know how he felt about his half sister back then and how he feels about her now. Was he able to forgive her?

She won’t talk to me. I don’t really want to talk to her because I know I’ll say something stupid and she’ll run to the police and get me arrested for some kind of stupid shit, harassment or something like that. But no, I won’t talk to her. I’ve talked to her boyfriend, I’ve tried to get him to go into a lawsuit with me to file against her but he said he’s afraid the prosecution would come back on him if he did. He wouldn’t tell the truth. He told me the truth but eh wouldn’t tell them the truth.

From Katie Julie Deadman: I’d like to know how being on death row has changed him. 

It destroyed it [my life]. It destroyed my relationship with my children and my first wife, we had to get a divorce. We’ve since become good friends but I mean, it destroyed our hopes of a dream home, it destroyed all of that. I can’t get a job. I mean I went back to college when I got off of death row for respiratory therapy, 6 months from graduating that’s when they hire students. They seen I been convicted of a capital muder and they laughed. They said ‘no hospital in this country’s gonna hire you.’ So you can’t get a decent job, so it’s destroyed my life. I had to go on disability, and it’s hard living off $900 a month.

From Katie Julie Deadman: And if there are any positives he can draw from it in the sense of wisdom, empathy, reflection?

Sure. While I was on death row I learned how to research the law. I learned how to file law suits on my own.

From Vicky McKenna: How do people react to him even now?

Anybody that knew me knew I didn’t do the crime. People don’t react negatively toward me, I mean anybody that sits and gets to know me for long enough know’s i’m full of shit, you know, i’m not a killer. I try to put on a gruff attitude so people don’t mess with me you know, but if people just get to know me a little bit they know i’m just a big old teddy bear. There’s not really, I’ve not been come at with a negative attitude. I don’t know if it’s my attitude or what but it’s… I don’t find people treating me any different from anybody else.

From Vicky McKenna: Has he forgiven his so called family?

No. No. I means that was just unforgivable to me. That was my sister. Like I say, if I had’ve done a crime she was supposed to try to help me anyway she could. I would have had her. I would have. My children get into some kind of cime, I will help them any way I can. And you don’t go to the police about family.