On Thursday night at Vibe Bar on London’s famous Brick Lane, we took our project out in to the world and threw a launch party for our indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

To kick off the campaign we’d decided to put together a string of events at Vibe based around a pop-up art exhibit focusing on the death penalty with a group of fantastic artists who’ve been working around capital punishment for some time.

For anyone who wasn’t able to be there, we missed having you and here’s a little taste of what went on. If you are in London on either Sunday or Tuesday, there are more events and another chance to see the exhibit.

There are more photos here and a video about the night will be coming shortly as soon as we have a chance to sit down at an edit suite.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.

We had a great turnout with the upstairs bar filling up for us to take the stage and explain the project and show our pilot film. We explained what One For Ten is all about and showed our pilot film about Ray Krone.

Will and Mark address the crowd and introduce the project

We then had brief chats on the project by our Executive Producer Christo Hird, Piers Bannister of Amicus, Gemma Mitchell of Underwire and other film festivals and rounded off by Selma James before showing our Indiegogo crowd funding film on how to support One For Ten.

Then it was time to kick of the actual crowd fund live at the venue and invite people to donate.

A member of the audience makes a donation to One For Ten via indiegogo

After that, all that there was left to do was to open the exhibit to the public. We had brought together pieces by Carrie Reichardt, Mark Wydler, Simone Sandleson, Jess Piddock, Nick Reynolds and Scott Langley, all who except for Scott as he’s based in America were in attendance to help launch the show.

Viewers take in the work of Mark Wydler (crucifix), his collaborations with Yuri Kadamov (right) and a painting by John Joe ‘Ash’ Amador he’s made in his cell before his execution (left)

An onlooker reads the looks at ‘Butterfly and Razorwire’ by Simone Sandleson

The photo exhibit ‘I am still Troy Davis’ by Scott Langley


If you weren’t able to make it down to the launch night, we’re having events on Sunday and Tuesday at Vibe bar and the exhibit will be open to the public for free viewings on those days before ending on Wednesday.